NSW Quarterly Gatherings

NSW Quarterly Gatherings


  Annual Seminar and APS Quarterly Gathering – 9.30 am Saturday 8 July 2017

  The Annual Seminar is being held on Saturday 8 July this year and to book your place we require you to pay at the time of registration.

We have a great line up of local speakers. Paul Rymer will be speaking on his citizen science

project on Australian peas and climate change.    David King will be speaking on the Swamp

Regeneration Project he leads in the upper Blue Mountains and Dick Turner on the Regent

Honey Eater recovery program in the Capertee Valley.

We are holding the Annual Seminar at the Sharon Burridge Hall, Blaxland Community Centre, 33 Hope Street, Blaxland. Registration and morning tea is from 9.30am with the seminar commencing at 10am sharp. Lunch will follow the speakers and Australian plants will also be available for sale. The day will conclude by 2.30pm or so.

The cost of the seminar is $25 for members and $30 for non-members and includes morning tea on arrival and lunch.

If you would like to attend the seminar please complete the registration form (see attachments – 2017 Annual Seminar – registration form) and  email it to Jim Plummer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Payment must be made at the time of registration in order to secure a place. Payment can be made by cheque or by direct deposit to the following account:

Account Name: Australian Plants Society Blue Mountains Group

BSB No: 032 370

Account No: 114271

Name: Seminar (your name)

Please let Jim know when you have made your payment.  We’re hoping for a good turn out and are expecting friends from other APS groups to join us on the day.





2-3 SEPTEMBER 2017

 Guest Speaker is Lawrence Smith AM - Landscape Architect


Graduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture GDLA

Queensland Institute of Technology 1972

Bachelor of Architecture B Arch

University of Queensland 1968

Fellow Australian Institute of Landscape Architects

Associate Royal Australian Institute of Architects

Born 18 August 1943, Brisbane Married 1969.

Centenary Medal

Awarded in 2003 in recognition of his contribution to the community through the practice of Landscape Architecture

Order of Australia AM

Awarded in 2004 for service to landscape architecture, particularly in the development of major Australian botanic gardens through contributions to professional and community organizations. 



 Lawrence S Smith AM  


Landscape Architect 


Lawrie established Landplan Studio in Brisbane in 1974. Since then his company has grown to become one of Australia’s leading Landscape Architectural consultancies with a wide range of significant experience and expertise. Retired since 2004, Lawrie has concentrated on providing consultancy roles in specialized areas of his personal expertise – specifically Botanic Gardens.


He has held various administrative positions in professional and community organizations, including: Australian Native Plants Society - National President & Vice President; Botanic Gardens Australia & New Zealand Qld. - Secretary; Society for Growing Australian Plants - Queensland President; Australian Institute Landscape Architects - Queensland President, Vice President & Secretary. 


Lawrie built his career around a strong personal belief in two major areas: 

the unique quality and value of the Australian environment,

the provision of quality open space facilities for the community. 

This combined philosophy is evident in some of the more significant projects for which he has been responsible: World Expo 88 Brisbane, the Australian Gardens at Liverpool International Garden Festival 1984 and International Garden and Greenery Exposition Osaka 1990; Regional Botanic Gardens in Gladstone, Bundaberg, Darwin, Mt. Isa, Longreach, Gold Coast, Barcaldine, Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Maroochy, Tweed, Dubbo, Cairns, Mackay and Whitsunday.

Lawrie was jointly responsible, as a member of the p.a.r.c consortium, for the planning and design of Roma Street Parkland and Gardens. Located on 16 hectares of disused railway land in central Brisbane, this specialized parkland showcases the subtropical flora of Australia and the world, and is arguably the most significant of all his projects.

Throughout his career Lawrie has maintained a strong social philosophy primarily concentrating on the provision of specialised parkland, open space developments, as well as major national and international exhibitions which provide and introduce people to quality urban environments and enhanced lifestyles through applying innovative landscape and amenity horticulture initiatives. 

Over the past forty-five years of practice he has developed a comprehensive knowledge of plant communities and materials for the various regions of Australia as well as other world regions with similar climatic zones to Australia. This extensive plant knowledge is specifically relevant to the numerous botanic gardens he has been responsible for.



APS NSW Coffs Harbour Get Together --‐ September 2017

Rainforest Riches Revealed 50 Shades of Green

(Punctuated by Vibrant Colour) 


Presenter:  Lawrie Smith AM, landscape architect


The ‘magic’ of rainforest! A sea of foliage of every conceivable tone of green, punctuated by the vivid, vibrant primary colours of foliage, flowers and fruits.  Almost every Australian bioregion throughout the continent variously supports verdant notophyll species with a direct connection, however ancient, to what we describe today as rainforest. From the cold temperate climate of Tasmania to the heat and humidity of tropical Far North Queensland, large expanses, or sometimes only small pockets of rainforest exist to provide a green canopy to shade the forest floor beneath. 

Rainforest in Australia is a limited resource with many and varied uses that has been exploited over the past 230 years, since the wise stewardship of the indigenous peoples was displaced by less caring settlers from abroad. A growing awareness of the value and diversity of rainforest plants is encouraged through the living collections in the Botanic Gardens of Australia, particularly those along the eastern seaboard. Each garden establishes, researches and interprets the values of the specific rainforest flora of their bioregion, and often includes species of more distant bioregions too. The composition, botanic qualities and amenity value of each rainforest collection is unique to and defined by the associated climatic and bioregional conditions. Collectively these regional botanic gardens offer a comprehensive range of locally characteristic rainforest types, each with an individual palette of varied species. When appropriately used in local landscape projects the result defines a ‘sense of place’ unique to that locality. 

 To allow comparison with NSW, let’s take a tour of inspection selected from the more than 25 Regional Botanic Gardens in Queensland, which primarily include research and development of collections of subtropical and tropical rainforest. This will highlight some of the more interesting and unique available species proven to enrich amenity horticulture in current urban and regional landscape projects. As you will see the ’50 shades of green’ pale into insignificance in comparison with the vibrant primary colours of the rainforest foliage, flowers and fruits. 

It is significant that almost without exception, the continuing development and promotion of the numerous regional botanic gardens of Australia is heavily supported by involvement of members representing the various regional APS / NPQ groups. Without this voluntary support it is doubtful if many of these botanic gardens would be able to achieve or maintain the scientific value and excellence of the species collections that most exhibit. That is a very important legacy that our organisation ANPSA and its member bodies is leaving for future generations.

Discount Accommodation Offer at NRMA Darlington Beach, Arrawarra, NSW

 Darlington Beach Holiday Park have offered participants to the Conference discounted accommodation of between 10-15% for the weekend September 1-3 with possible extension if you are staying on in the area after the Conference.

NRMA members will already receive a 10% discount; however if a minimum of number of bookings is made by NRMA members and non-members, the 15% will apply to your booking.

 With multiple accommodation choice ranging from camping to cabins this Holiday Park is set in a beautiful coastal wetland fronting Arrawarra beach, a direct highway commute thirty minutes north from central Coffs Harbour.

To take advantage of this generous offer phone the Park on (02) 6640 7444 and choose Option 2, which puts you through direct to Reception and confirm with reception staff that you are attending the APS Annual Get Together. Contact: Beck Young and Pam Buckler.