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The Central West Group aims to have one activity each month from February to November.  This avoids the Christmas period and most of the summer heat and bushfire danger period.  The activities program is developed from members' suggestions and interests, and members are advised of forthcoming activities by email or mail.  The program details are also available in the Members Only section of this website.


 Date, 2017


 Tuesday, 22 August Wattle Walk with Weddin Landcare in the Grenfell district
 Sunday, 24 September Molong garden visit and nearby bushland exploration
 Sunday, 15 October Cargo and Canowindra garden visits
 Saturday, 18 November

 Annual General Meeting and End of Year social gathering

 at Mt David (west of Oberon)


Garden Visits

Some members are keen gardeners and welcome the opportunity to visit Australian plants gardens in the differing climatic zones within the region:  from high country frosty, snowy gardens to low country hot, dry gardens; from formal styles to bush styles.  So much can be learned about growing Australian plants by seeing and hearing how they perform in gardens. 





Bush Walks and Plant Identification

When conditions are suitable, many members like nothing more than to wander through a nature reserve or private bushland, enjoying the diversity of flora and attempting to identify as many of the plants as possible.  More experienced members share their knowledge with the less experienced as together they work at determining the identifying factors for different plants.

Visits to revegetation or restoration areas are also informative and often inspiring.



Propagation Workshops

A propagation workshop is held each autumn.  This is a great opportunity to learn from a presenter or from other members with more experience as propagators.  Autumn is a particularly good time for taking semi-hardwood cuttings which ensure exact clonal replicas of a plant.  This is essential if the characteristics of a particular cultivar or hybrid are required.  Growing seed is often the preferred method for large scale propagation for revegetation projects using, for example, grasses, eucalypts and acacias.




Winter is a good time to come in out of the weather and enjoy a presentation indoors.  Past talks have included topics such as Australian orchids, bush tucker and native bees.








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