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Autumn Flowers for Sydney

autumn flowers for Sydney

Autumn has traditionally been seen as a lean time for flowers in the garden, however this needn't be the case. Listed below are some reliable plants for Sydney gardens which flower in autumn. In the bush, plants flower throughout the year. Help ensure your local fauna has something to feast on at all times! An asterisk (*) indicates plants native to the Sydney basin:

    1. Banksia integrifolia* (Coast Banksia)
    2. Eucalyptus erythrocorys (Illyarrie)
    3. Eucalyptus forrestiana (Fuschia Gum)
    4. Eucalyptus kruseana (Book Leaf Mallee)
    5. Eucalyptus (=Corymbia) gummifera* (Red Bloodwood)
    6. Stenocarpus sinuatus (Firewheel Tree)
local  species
    1. Acacia botryocephala ()
    2. Acacia suaveolens*
    3. Acacia terminalis*
    4. Banksia ericifolia*
    5. Banksia "Giant Candles"
    6. Banksia marginata*
    7. Banksia oblongifolia*
    8. Banksia spinulosa*
    9. Correa alba*
    10. Correa reflexa*
    11. Crowea saligna*
    12. Hakea bakeriana*
    13. Hakea laurina
    14. Hakea petiolaris
    15. Lambertia formosa*
    16. Persoonia pinifolia*
    17. Senna artemisioides
- Cas Liber