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Grevilleas for Sydney


There are over 300 species and a huge number of bred or found varieties of grevillea in existence. The sheer number of them can make the beginner stuck for choice! Peter Olde (Grevillea Study Group Leader) suggests the following 10 species, 10 hybrids and 10 local species which are reliable and showy plants for gardeners to try in a Sydney climate garden. Note this list doesn't include the growing number of grafted Western Australian grevilleas which are also worth trying.




New hybrids appear in the nurseries every spring. While exciting, the longevity of many has yet to be established. The following are reliable, hardy hybrids which are commonly available in our nurseries.

  1. Grevillea "Honey Gem"
  2. Grevillea "Moonlight"
  3. Grevillea "Misty Pink"
  4. Grevillea "Sylvia"
  5. Grevillea "Royal Mantle"
  6. Grevillea "Superb"
  7. Grevillea "Robyn Gordon"
  8. Grevillea "Long John"
  9. Grevillea "Dargan Hill"
  10. Grevillea "Lillian" (excellent rockery plant)
local  species

These 10 plants are indigenous to the Sydney region and may be most easily obtained from your local group of the Australian Plants Society, Bush Regenaration or local Council Community Nursery.

    1. Grevillea caleyi (rare, much longer lived in grafted; very attractive foliage)
    2. Grevillea longifolia
    3. Grevillea aspleniifolia
    4. Grevillea sericeaGrevillea sericea
    5. Grevillea linariifolia (delicate and pretty)
    6. Grevillea speciosa (not as easy to grow as others on ths list)
    7. Grevillea diffusa
    8. Grevillea juniperina juniperina (most clay tolerant on this list)
    9. Grevillea arenaria
    10. Grevillea johnsonii (again, not hardy unless grafted)
sydney climate

Finally, 10 species that are reliable in Sydney's climate - reprinted from The Grevillea Books, published by Olde & Marriott.

    1. Grevillea banksii
    2. Grevillea beadleana
    3. Grevillea buxifolia (actually a Sydney local, not as hardy as others on this list)
    4. Grevillea hodgei
    5. Grevillea lanigera
    6. Grevillea macleayana
    7. Grevillea molyneuxii
    8. Grevillea oldei
    9. Grevillea oleoides
    10. Grevillea venusta