Here are the key events we have on around the state.
For details on District Group meetings and events, see the District Group closest to you 

Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 25 Annual General Meeting
Feb 08 Annual Conference
Jul 08 Quarterly Gathering at Glenbrook, hosted by the Blue Mountains Group
Aug 02 East Hills Monthly Meeting
Aug 02 Newcastle Monthly Meeting
Aug 03 Sutherland Working Bee
Aug 03 Southern Highlands Monthly Meeting - Speaker: Orchids with Alan Stephenson
Aug 03 Northern Beaches Monthly Meeting
Aug 05 Blue Mountains Group Weekend away
Aug 05 South East Region, Landscape Feature with designer, Shane Doherty
Aug 05 Southern Tablelands, Walk at Pomaderris Reserve
Aug 05 Armidale and District, Working Bee at the Arboretum
Aug 06 Sutherland Working Bee
Aug 08 Coffs Harbour Meeting, Speaker: John Ross on 'Proteaceae'
Aug 09 Parramatta and Hills - Propagation at Bidjiwong Community Nursery commencing at 10 am
Aug 09 Menai Wildflower Meeting
Aug 10 Nowra Meeting
Aug 11 North Shore Group Meeting
Aug 12 Central Coast Meeting - Plants in Pots
Aug 14 North Shore, Walks and Talks, 'Climate Change - Affecting Flora and Fauna'
Aug 16 Macarthur Meeting
Aug 16 Sutherland Meeting, Speaker: Kane Durant on 'Turtle Rescue'
Aug 19 Armidale and District, Workshop
Aug 20 Hunter Valley Garden Visit: Ah Moi's, Branxton
Aug 21 North Shore, Walks and Talks, 'Heath Plants - Ericaceae'
Aug 26 Parramatta and Hills, Meeting with speaker: Sharon Bowen on 'Wetlands'
Aug 27 Armidale and District, Markets in the Mall
Aug 27 Armidale and District, Wattle Day Luncheon
Aug 28 North Shore, Walks and Talk, Subject: Peas - Fabaceae
Sep 02 Annual Get Together at Coffs Harbour, hosted by the Coffs Harbour group
Sep 02 South East Region, Isopogons and Petrophiles - Phil Trickett and Catriona Bate
Sep 02 Southern Tablelands, Walk in Reedy Creek Reserve
Sep 03 Sutherland Working Bee
Sep 06 East Hills Monthly Meeting. Speakers: Ray and Elma Keraney on 'Living Art of Nature's Gallery'
Sep 07 Southern Highlands, Outing to Sandy Berry's Garden
Sep 07 Sutherland Working Bee
Sep 06 Newcastle Monthly Meeting
Sep 07 Northern Beaches Monthly Meeting
Sep 08 Central Coast Meeting
Sep 08 North Shore Group Meeting
Sep 09 Blue Mountains Spring Show
Sep 10 Northern Beaches, Stony Range Festival
Sep 12 Coffs Harbour Meeting, 'Get-Together Debrief'
Sep 13 Menai Wildflower Meeting
Sep 13 Hunter Valley Meeting
Sep 14 Southern Tablelands Propagation Work at Jen's (seeding)
Sep 14 Nowra Meeting
Sep 17 Southern Tablelands Propagation Work at Jen's (seeding)
Sep 19 North Shore Group Trip Away to Nelson Bay
Sep 19 Armidale and District Forum
Sep 20 East Hills Group hosting garden visits to Sylvan Grove Native Gardens
Sep 20 Macarthur Meeting
Sep 20 Sutherland Meeting
Sep 23 Central Coast Plant Lovers Fair
Sep 24 Coffs Harbour Outing: Mary Gibson's Garden, Macksville
Sep 24 Southern Highlands, Outing to Fern Tree Lodge, near Berry
Oct 01 Sutherland Working Bee
Oct 04 East Hills Monthly Meeting
Oct 04 Newcastle, Meeting
Oct 05 Sutherland Working Bee
Oct 05 Northern Beaches Monthly Meeting
Oct 07 South East Region, Narooma garden of Joan Lynch
Oct 07 Southern Tablelands, Walk in Monga National Park, via Braidwood
Oct 08 Blue Mountains, Walk along Morgan Road Fire Trail (Northern Beaches)
Oct 10 Coffs Harbour Meeting, 'Economic Uses of Native Plants'
Oct 11 Menai Wildflower Meeting
Oct 12 Nowra Meeting
Oct 13 Central Coast Meeting
Oct 13 North Shore Group Meeting
Oct 17 Armidale and District Forum
Oct 18 Southern Tablelands Wetlands Garden Maintenance
Oct 18 Macarthur Meeting
Oct 18 Hunter Valley Meeting
Oct 18 Sutherland Meeting
Oct 22 Coffs Harbour Outing: Conglomerate SF - Plumpudding Road via Sherwood Road off Bucca Road. Leader: Craig Henderson
Oct 27 Blue Mountains Plant Identification Field Trip led by Margaret Baker
Nov 01 East Hills Monthly Meeting
Nov 02 Sutherland Working Bee
Nov 01 Newcastle Monthly Meeting
Nov 02 Southern Highlands Monthly Meeting
Nov 02 Northern Beaches Monthly Meeting
Nov 04 South East Region, AGM at Horse Island, Pruning
Nov 04 Southern Tablelands, Walk in Reserve at Tallong
Nov 05 Blue Mountains Walk along Burramoko Ridge. Blackheath. Leader Jim Ward
Nov 05 Sutherland Working Bee
Nov 08 Menai Wildflower Meeting
Nov 09 Nowra Meeting
Nov 10 Central Coast Meeting
Nov 11 North Shore Group Meeting
Nov 14 Coffs Harbour Annual General Meeting
Nov 15 Macarthur Meeting
Nov 15 Armidale and District Forum
Nov 15 Hunter Valley Meeting
Nov 15 Sutherland Meeting
Nov 16 Rainforest Plant ID Workshop – Thursday 16 November 2017
Nov 18 Quarterly Gathering on the North Shore, hosted by North Shore group
Dec 01 Blue Mountains Christmas Party
Dec 02 Southern Tablelands, Christmas party, AGM and property walk – Raina’s place
Dec 03 Sutherland Working Bee
Dec 06 Newcastle Christmas Party
Dec 07 Sutherland Working Bee

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