Web Site News

Welcome to The Australian Plants Society - NSW web site.

Members can now exclusively access the latest issues of "Native Plants for NSW" on-line.

Look for the "Native Plants for NSW" link in the "Resources Menu".

Each month a new plant will be featured from our extensive set of "Plant Profiles". 

APS Members can access the full collection of these profiles from the "User Menu".

Upcoming events can be advertised using the forum.  Events entered in the forum under "Upcoming Events", can be easily seen using the "Upcoming Events" shortcut link on the "Main Menu" (left side of page).

The web pages have been shifted to a new web host & this has allowed us to update the site structure and to prepare the site for future enhancements.The new web pages offer the following features -

  • The ability to cater for registered users (i.e. members) & thus provide for "members only" content.
  • The ability for selected registered users to be able to edit & add new articles.
  • The ability to view articles as PDF documents.
  • A members only discussion forum
  • Expandability - there are literally hundreds of additional modules available that can be used to add more features.

Planned future enhancements include -

  • Members only content, including copies of district group newsletters.
  • On-line membership renewals & new memberships.
  • Even more content, including more photos.

Whilst efforts have been made to ensure that the content is correct and up to date, there may well be articles that could do with further updates.  If you spot anything that could do with some further improvements, then please let us know.

The "species lists" and associated links have been disabled - most of the links were broken & the one list hosted was incomplete.