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TOPIC: Plant suggestion

Plant suggestion 1 year 2 months ago #1482

Hi All,

I'm looking for an attractive native shrub with some colour that grows to approximately 1.5mH x 1mW. It can be grafted or non-grafted. The planting area can be filled with low P native mix but this can be modified to suit. This square bed is 1x1m, about 50cm deep but the deepest 10-15cm is just above the clay level and will remain moist from time to time. The plant will be shaded until midday but It will be exposed to full sun for the whole afternoon. The site is surrounded by good airflow. It is also adjacent to a path, so it is preferable that the foliage is not prickly.

Any suggestions for what I could plant would be much appreciated

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Plant suggestion 1 year 2 months ago #1483

As a starting point I'd have a look at Jeff's "Plant Profiles" - link on the left in the user menu.
Most on that list should be reliable in Sydney.

Chorizema will give you lots of colour, Crowea 'festival' & some of the Correas are worth a go. some of the smaller Prostantheras are also nice with the added benefit of scented foliage. Some Eremophillas might also be worth a go.

Have fun...
  • Mark Abell
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Plant suggestion 1 year 2 months ago #1484

I have a couple of gardens that are exactly like this. Moist clay soil. Morning shade and full (often hot) afternoon sun).

The plants I've had luck with, which fit your size etc parameters, include:

- Westringia 'deep purple' (not a huge amount of colour)
- Callistemon comboynensis
- Syzygium paniculata dwarf (not much colour)
- Syzygium Lulu
- Callistemon 'great balls of fire'
- Dwarf NSW Christmas bush

I've also had a lot of success with Artanema fimbriatum. They need the moisture, and will wilt a little in the hot sun in mid summer. But they're only about 70cm tall so maybe not what you're after.

I've tried growing Crowea saligna, because it looks so nice, but it always dies from root rot in the clay soil.
  • Ben G
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Plant suggestion 1 year 2 months ago #1485

Geeeee you have and ideal spot and a there will be many plants that will thrive there.
Good suggestions have been posted so far.
A few comments:
I have growing Syzygium paniculata dwarf in a similar conditions to yours and have trouble keep them below 3 plus metres.
I have also found Chorizima flowers wash out in afternoon sun as they are an understory plant growing in the Karri forests of WA. They need support of other plants as they grow and are not good as a specimen plant as they need staking..
Croweas prefer a drier spot than yours and are a bit iffy to establish.
Acacia myrtlefolia is a good plant for clay but has a short flowering time.
Grevillia Lady O is ideal as well but grows a bit wider than your need. Its plus is that it flowers all year.
Please advise what you select.
  • Jeff Howes
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