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Coffs Harbour District Group


Program for 2018

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Our meetings are held in the Display Room at the North Coast Regional Botanic Garden, Main Entrance, Hardacre Street, Coffs Harbour.

APS members, guests and other interested persons are always welcome.


Tuesday September 11:  10am - 1pm

Topic: Soils and the Native Plant Gardener

Speaker: Robert Watt

The place of soil in the growing of native plants is clearly critical – they flourish when suitable, do poorly when not - and for many who may have recently come to this form of gardening, you may have problems in working out the science. What we plan to do at this meeting is to help in two ways: first, to discuss what are some of the main issues associated with soils in the growing of Australian natives. These may well differ from, say, vegetable growing. And secondly, to assist in finding out what your own soil type may be. This may well be critical in allowing you to know just how your soil type can be changed to get the best results.

Tuesday October16:  7pm - 10pm

Topic: Gondwana Plants

Speakers: Morrie Duggan, Robert Watt, Jan Whittle

All you wanted to know about Gondwana plants:

What was ‘Gondwana’? (Morrie)

What are Gondwana species? (Rob)

Where do they grow?(Jan)


Field Trips

Sunday September 16 at 10.00am

Visit to private garden:  67 Secombe Lane, Wauchope

Annette and John Houseman

We last visited the Houseman garden in Wauchope in 2009 and we are overdue for a return visit. Notwithstanding the distance, it is well worth seeing this mature, native garden and September is an ideal time with an excellent range of Grevilleas that ought to be at or near their peak.

Directions: Secombe Lane is north east of Wauchope and is reached via Stoney Creek Road, which runs north from the Oxley Highway. Because of the distance, carpooling may be a preferred option. Either organize between yourselves or get in touch with the Secretary, Rob Watt (66550043) or

Sunday October 21at 10.00am

Visit to private garden:  68 Williams Rd., Bonville

Allan Collyer

This is a garden we keep returning to over the years because it has much to see for different interests. It is 20 acres and includes many Western Australian Grevilleas, most of which have been grafted onto local stock. And there are also 200-300 rainforest trees. Alan started planting over 20 years ago and this is a collector's garden - each of the trees has been planted where it should do best. It is a wonderful opportunity to see the garden maturing. This is a must see garden of the district!



          Eucalyptus microcorys                Alex Floyd


       Eucalyptus propinqua         Corymbia henryi          Barry Kemp & Gwyn Clarke

Book Project: Growing Native Plants on the North Coast of NSW

 First published in 2006, we are working on a Second Edition of this excellent resource for native plant enthusiasts and home gardeners.       


In 2018, our group will be monitoring selected local threatened or endangered species (from the NSW Environment Department's Saving Our Species register) by working with local National Parks regeneration projects around Moonee Beach, just north of Coffs Harbour. Once we have gained some experience in the techniques and methodology for data collection, we can extend our efforts to other species in our area. Our initial focus will be on two local species: Sophora tomentosa and Zieria prostrata.


See NSW Department of Environment - Saving Our Species


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