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Cancellation and travel insurance

We are sure you all appreciate that we are in times of significant change and uncertainty. However, we are keen to create a conference that will be insightful and memorable for you, and to do this we need to spend money, some of which may not be recoverable.

If you cancel your attendance at the conference or the tours, or if we are forced to cancel the conference or tours the cancellation charge will be:

Cancellation prior to 30 June - 10%

Cancellation up to 31 July -15%

Cancellation up to 22 August - 25%

Cancellations after 22 August - 100%

After 22 August we will have incurred significant expenses and the Society would not have the financial capacity to process refunds in advance of finalising recoveries from suppliers and insurance. We would therefore endeavour to recover as much as possible of the outlays and to make a prorate refund if we can. It is expected that this process could take several months.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is strongly recommended and the policy should cover the costs of cancellation and unforeseen circumstances. Some insurers provide some COVID cancellation situations.

The cancellation charges outlined above for the conference and tours are essential to the viability of the conference and the Australian Plant Society NSW and so unfortunately cannot be waived.

COVID-19 at the conference and on tours

The COVID-19 situation, including the spread of new variants, is constantly changing.

We will abide by NSW Government Health Department regulations in place at the time of the conference and tours.

We strongly recommend that people be up-to-date with vaccinations for their protection and the protection of others.

We ask that if you are unwell or have any COVID symptoms you do not attend the conference or tours. As stated above we will endeavour to recover as much as possible of the fees paid in the event of cancellation and to make refunds where possible. However, this reinforces the need for individual travel insurance.

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