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Conference excursions

During the conference, we plan to get out and about on the Wednesday and Friday, along with a tour the Saturday before for those who can make it.

The during-conference excursions are included in the conference fee. Excursions leave from 8.30am and get back about 5.00pm, with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea included.

The itineraries outlined below are a guide only. Inclement weather, road access or other factors may influence the planned itinerary or cause delays and variations. The leader of the tours or excursions may make these decisions in the best interests and safety of all involved.

See full screen versions of the videos below on our YouTube channel

Excursion 9: Complimentary conference excursion - Saturday 10 September - Kiama region

We are offering a conference on Saturday 10 September for conference attendees. This includes gourmet lunch at the historic Coolangatta winery. 

Australian flora Excursion to Shoalhaven - 10 Sept.pdf

Berry Public School Rainforest nursery and story

Coolangatta Estate Map.jpg

Departs Kiama Pavilion at 10.45am. Please come 15 mins before.

Excursion 1: Royal National Park (Audley and Wattamolla precincts) - Weds only 

Australian flora Excursion 1 Wed.pdf

Plant List Royal National Park.pdf (here is the original list prepared in 1983 - Robertson Roundabout plant list 1983.pdf)

Robertson Roundabout track location map 1983.pdf

Lady Carrington Drive Fern tree Flat to Jersey Springs Plant List 1989.pdf

Departs Pavilion at 8..30am. Please come 15 mins early.

Excursion 2: Barren Grounds, Robertson Rainforest, Minnamurra Rainforest - Weds only

Australian flora Excursion 2 Wed.pdf

IVS.26 Robertson.NR.revised.pdf

IVS.96 Barren Grounds Ferns.pdf

Departs Pavilion at 8.40am. Please come 15 mins early.

Excursion 3: Minnamurra Rainforest, Jamberoo Native Nursery and Illawarra Grevillea Park - Weds only

Australian flora Excursion 3.pdf

Illawarra Grevillea Park, self guided walk winter 2022.pdf

Excursion 4 Weds: Joseph Banks Native Plants Reserve, Kamay/BotanyBay National Park - Weds

Australian flora Excursion 4 Wed.pdf



Excursion 4 Friday: Royal National Park (Bungoona Path) and Kamay-Botany Bay National Park - Friday only

Australian flora Excursion 4 Fri.pdf



Excursion 5: Silky Oaks (Peter and Margaret Olde garden), Robertson Rainforest - Friday only - Excursion 5A (Sydney dropoff) and 5B (Kiama dropoff)

Australian flora Excursion 5.pdf

IVS.26 Robertson.NR.revised.pdf

Excursion 6: Fitzroy Falls, Robertson Rainforest - Weds and Friday

Australian flora Excursion 6.pdf

 - Weds and Friday


IVS.26 Robertson.NR.revised.pdf

Excursion 7: South Coast - Shoalhaven Heads and Beecroft Peninsular - Weds and Fri 

Australian flora Excursion 7.pdf

Introduction to Beecroft Peninsula by Kevin.Mills.pdf


Departs Kiama at 8.30am. Please be there 15 mins early. Terminates Kiama.

Excursion 8: Australian Botanic Gardens, Mt Annan and Illawarra Grevillea Park - Friday only

Australian flora Excursion 8.pdf

Australian Botanic Gardens image albums

Virtual tour of Connections Garden

Maps, more images and information on the main webpage

Illawarra Grevillea Park, self guided walk winter 2022.pdf

Depart Kiama Pavilion at 8.30am. Please be there 15 mins early. There are two buses, one which terminates at Sydney Airport and the other returns to Kiama.  

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