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Insects and other invertebrates, by Warren and Gloria Sheather

24 Jul 2017 5:11 PM | HEATHER MILES (Administrator)

There is a tendency for many gardeners to regard any six-legged garden visitor as a horticultural terrorist who is intent on destroying plants in the garden and who must be destroyed by resorting to chemical warfare.

Of course, there are some insects that will cause damage to valued plants but in general the majority of insects are either benign or useful. 

We have two environmental advantages regarding insect visitors to and residents in our garden. Because the garden is so large with a wide range of plants any insect damage is not as visible as it would be in smaller gardens. Also our dense and diverse garden supports many small native birds. In return for creating a “bird-friendly” garden they tend to control any insects proliferating.

Insects and other invertebrates (animals without backbones) are another source of interest in our garden. Whenever we come across an interesting organism rather than reach for a poisonous chemical we reach for the camera.

We are including articles on some of the invertebrates that visit and live in our Cold Climate Garden.

Included is a picture of a Wattle Moth Caterpillar that is the subject of an article in the fauna profiles. 

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