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A Chocolate Flavoured Garden

7 Dec 2017 11:55 AM | Anonymous

In this first week of summer we are still at Yallaroo waiting, somewhat impatiently, for a buyer. This morning we took a walk around one of our grassland areas as respite from packing. A smell of chocolate was detected in the air. Amongst the grasses and herbaceous plants we found Chocolate Lilies (Dichopogon fimbriatus) beginning to flower. If we have good autumn and winter rains these delicate plants with their stalks of purple flowers appear in large numbers usually in company with Bulbine Lilies (Bulbine bulbosa). At these times the chocolate scent permeates a wide area.

Chocolate Lilies planted en masse would make both an aromatic and visual impact in cottage gardens and rockeries.

Perhaps this could be the dawn of a new plant science: “Nasal” Taxonomy, the identification of plants by aroma.

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