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Rudolph's Month

10 Dec 2017 9:01 AM | Anonymous

Leptospermum spectabile is a rare tea tree from the Colo River near Windsor, NSW. L. spectabile is characterised by large red flowers and has been used in a breeding program by the Bywong Nursery, southern NSW.

Leptospermum “Rudolph” is one of the progeny from this program. “Rudolph” was the result of a liaison between L. spectabile and a burgundy leafed form of L. morrisonii.

L. “Rudolph” is an upright medium shrub with purplish foliage and red flowers. This is a classic hybrid that has inherited characteristics from both parents. Flower colour from L. spectabile and foliage from L. morrisonii.

“Rudolph” is covered with flowers throughout December. When flowering is finished this hybrid is still an eye-catching plant with its purplish foliage.

“Rudolph” will take kindly to cultivation in a container. Perhaps as a change from the usual a container-grown “Rudolph” could be brought inside and decorated as a flowering Aussie Christmas tree.

More details, about this hybrid, are available from the Plant Database.

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