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Seeding and Suckering

17 Mar 2018 4:15 PM | Anonymous

Last time we described a Westringia seedling growing between the bricks on our front steps.

This time more “conventional” ways of regeneration will be described.

Over two decades ago we planted a couple of Black Cypress (Callitris endlicheri) near our front gate. Over the years the trees have matured, produced cones and dropped seeds. On a very rocky area there is now a forest of Black Cypress seedlings ranging in height from 6 centimetres to 2 metres (top image). The ground where they have germinated is so rocky that to plant there a crowbar would be needed to break up the ground.

Also near our gate we planted an Acacia deanei. This tree has also produced a forest of progeny. In this case no seeds were involved. The forest is due to root suckering (right image). The parent is now surrounded by suckering plants. Some suckers are 3 metres from the parent.

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