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An Absence of Acacias

24 Sep 2018 5:37 PM | Anonymous

At the time of writing (late September) we are still waiting, a trifle impatiently, to buy a suitable property in the lower Blue Mountains.

We were rather isolated at our property Yallaroo and decided it was time too move closer to family.

We miss the space, the extensive views and the limitless area available to cultivate native plants.

With the arrival of spring we realise there is something else that we miss and this is tied up with wattles.

On the Northern Tablelands of NSW, spring heralds a proliferation of blooming wattles. Both east and west of Armidale the roadsides literally glows with wattle flowers. Along the road from Yallaroo to Armidale, a distance of 20 kilometres, there is almost a continuous avenue of wattles.

Acacia neriifolia (see image), A. rubida, A. filicifolia, and A. viscidula all contribute to this explosion of colour.

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