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Hakea study group

Our aim is to further knowledge about the cultivation, propagation and conservation of members of the genus Hakea. The Study Group has been in operation for about 18 years documenting reports from members into cultivation issues, propagation methods and natural occurrences of different species. These reports have assisted in assessing the suitability of various species for cultivation in a range of climatic zones.

Members of the Group are mainly keen amateurs with no formal horticultural or botanical knowledge, although a number of professionals in those fields also participate. As in all study groups, the members' work is mainly carried out in their own homes and gardens and in their own spare time.

The Group issues regular newsletters documenting cultivation reports from members, organising and reporting on field excursions and describing propagation methods, successes and failures.

For more information about this study group, please see the ANPSA site:

Study Groups focus on researching and learning about specific Australian plants (usually a genus or a related group of genera).

Plant database

Our plant database has profiles of many such plants for your garden. See here for the plant database. 

Hakea 'Burrendong Beauty'

Follicle of Hakea

Hakea fransiciana 'Pink Pokers'

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Membership: merleaps@bigpond.

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