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Isopogon and Petrophile study group study group

The two genera Isopogon and Petrophile are closely related and many are spectacular in flower. They also have a wide variety of leaf shapes, some being flat and wide, others being very narrow and divided into lobes. They are mainly plants of southern Australia with only a few species occurring in sub-tropical areas. The greatest diversity occurs in south-western Australia and it is these species that have caused the most difficulty in cultivation in eastern states of Australia. Reports from Study Group members have assisted in assessing the suitability of various species for cultivation in a range of climatic zones.

Since the inception of the group numerous newsletters have been issued documenting the reports from members into cultivation issues in various climatic zones, propagation methods and natural occurrences of different species. 

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Study Groups focus on researching and learning about specific Australian plants (usually a genus or a related group of genera).

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Our plant database has profiles of many such plants for your garden. See here for the plant database. 

Isopogon formosus


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