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 12 April 2019

 Speaker  Linda Groom 
 Topic "Save Kosci Walk"   

In November-December 2018, five people walked 560 kilometres from Sydney to the summit of Kosciuszko. On the way they were joined by hundreds of supporters, some strong-legged, some simply determined. Why bother?

The walk sought stronger action from the NSW government to reduce damage caused by feral animals, particularly wild horses, in Kosciuszko National Park. Wild horses are recognized by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage as threats to at least 9 plant species, including 2 orchids, as well as to sphagnum bogs.

The talk gives a brief introduction to these species and the mechanisms by which wild horses pose a threat to them, then describes the protest walk and the public reactions to the walk. The issue of horses in national parks remains a controversial issue, but the presenter sees some hope that it can be resolved by emphasizing the positive – in this case the beauty of national parks – and by raising awareness of the environmental impacts of the horses.  


Linda Groom’s most recent volunteer position was Convenor of Save Kosci Inc. She was formerly Curator of Pictures at the National Library, Convenor of the National Photography Festival, past-President of the Canberra Bushwalking Club and president of a number of national professional organisations. She has no botanical qualifications


Walks and Talks program at Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden 2019 is now available.

The 2019 program.

The program starts i on Monday  4 March at 10am with a Walk only. Later in the year the regular format combines a Walk and Talk.

In March the walk in Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden will focus on the history of the Garden.

Date March 4 

Leader: Helen Thiele

 Walk only.  History of Ku-ring-gai Wildflower Garden

 8 April 2019

Edible Native Plants Walk


A walk lead by members of Australian Plants Society-North Shore Group, focussing on edible native plants at :

Ku-Ring-Gai  Wildflower  Garden ,
420 Mona Vale Road St Ives 

9-45 am on April 8th.

Walkers should wear closed shoes and a hat and bring water. This walk is free and new participants are welcome. For more information phone 94175217.

Photo by Isolde Kamerman shows Warrigal Greens, also known as New Zealand Spinach or Tetragonia. These plants saved our early settlers from scurvy.

More information is available at the walks and talks page

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