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Prostanthera striatiflora, Jockey’s Cap

Prostanthera striatiflora is known as Jockey’s Cap. This common name refers to the shape of the flowers.

This attractive Mint Bush develops into a dwarf to medium shrub with the usual aromatic foliage. Large flowers are about two centimetres across, white to cream with orange blotches on the lower lobe and purple strips in the throat. Masses of flowers are produced between August and November. Tip prune plants after flowering to prevent plants becoming straggly.

Jockey’s Cap inhabits semi-arid regions of New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory. We have found the species in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia and Mutawintji (previous name Mootwingee) National Park about 130 km north-east of Broken Hill, NSW.

In our cold climate garden plants tolerate frosts and extended dry periods.

A well drained site in full sun or partial shade is appreciated by Prostanthera striatiflora.

Propagate from cuttings. Together with most Mint Bushes, cuttings of this species produce roots rapidly and readily. 

Warren and Gloria Sheather

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