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Upcoming events

    • 28 Jun 2018
    • 9:00 AM
    • Starting at Nowra Cemetery, Kinghorne Street

    Identification Walk - Crookhaven Heads Lighthouse.

    Meet at Nowra Cemetery, Kinghorne Street, Nowra at 9am to arrange carpooling if needed or at 9.40am at carpark at northern end of Prince Edward Avenue, past Shoalhaven Marine Rescue. Bring morning tea, lunch and water. Wear closed in shoes. 

    Please contact Chris Hallahan if coming . 

    Ph. 44488747 or email 

    For more information about the Australian Plants Society in Nowra, see here:

    • 30 Jun 2018
    • Wirreecoo Garden to start

    Not much in flower in the least sunny time of year you might say, but it is a good time to walk and look what is happening at our Wirreecoo Garden in the Maritime Museum Complex at Huskisson.

    Many tourists visit here so our garden is an opportunity to show our flora in a mostly informal setting. Our small group of volunteers have been working hard with pruning, replacing old plants, maintaining paths and controlling weeds.

    After morning tea at the sunny picnic tables we will move on to Vincentia where Annabel Andrews will show us her delightfully natural garden that she and Peter were able to protect from builder damage. Then we move on to Gisela Chorley's larger informal garden where you can also see her small watering system in operation. The system allows me to go away for a week or three and not worry about my propagating efforts. 

    You are welcome to have your picnic lunch here or go on to Greenfields Beach picnic area and maybe a walk along the White Sands track.

    For more information,

    • 1 Jul 2018

    Join the Blue Mountains Group for their annual seminar on 1 July 2018. Charlotte Mills will be speaking on rewilding and its impact on Australian plants. Alix Goodwin will be speaking on transforming a mixed exotic gardening the Blue Mountains to one dominated by local native species. 

    Cost: $20 members and $25 non-members. Bookings and payment essential before the day. 

    For more information and bookings email

    • 14 Jul 2018
    • 1:00 PM
    • Illawong Rural Fire Service, Old Illawarra Rd, Illawong

    Menai Wildflower Group of the Australian Plants Society are hosting a super meeting on Season and Smoke: Key Elements in Dormancy and Germination, with speakers Dr Mark Ooi and Dr John Porter. 

    Senior Research Fellow, Mark Ooi, will delve into the Dormancy and Germination characteristics of Sydney Flora seed.

    Research Fellow, John Porter, will concentrate on Actinotus (The Flannel flowers).

    Mark and John are from the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Science at UNSW.  Menai Wildflower Group are providing a Scholarship of $2000 for research into the dormancy and germination in Actinotus species. This donation follows on from the basic work carried out into A. heliathii and forsythii seed which indicates that while smoke and age are important factors in breaking their dormancy, they are not the only factors. The feeling is population, temperature and the ‘Mother’ effect also may be important.

    We hope this further research may contribute to increasing the number of Actinotus plants available to the public and in Australian gardens.

    The meeting is being held on Saturday 14 July, commencing at 1pm, at Illawong Rural Fire Station, Old Illawarra Rd, Illawong. The gardens will be open from 12 noon. 

    Along with the guest speakers there will be a raffle and plant sales. The day will include a look at the Illawong Rural Fire Station gardens. There have not been a lot of flowers out due to the drought but thanks to the recent rains that seems to be changing. And there should be some interesting plants in flower. 

    Everyone is welcome. 

    For more information, contact:                     Or see Facebook:

    • 21 Aug 2018
    • 5:00 PM
    • tbc

    All members welcome. Contact for more information

    • 8 Sep 2018
    • 10:00 AM
    • 9 Sep 2018
    • 4:00 PM
    • Glenbrook Native Plant Reserve

    Volunteers needed

    • 20 Oct 2018
    • 21 Oct 2018

    The Goodeniaceae Seminar being run in October 2018 is to be hosted by Wimmera Growers of Australian Plants, APS Grampians, APS Vic.

    The last Seminar run by Wimmera Growers of Australian Plants was in 2008 on Eremophilas and we had 385 participants from every state in Australia. We sold over 3000 plants of which almost all were unavailable in Nurseries.

    Since their inception these conferences have been instrumental in promoting and introducing large numbers of new species into cultivation.


    • Keynote speaker - Dr Kelly Shepherd from the WA Herbarium, and Neville Walsh from the Herbarium in Melbourne covering the technical aspects of Goodenacieae
    • Hazel Dempster from WA on propagation
    • Rodger and Gwen Elliot on the cultivation of Goodeniaceae including in gardens and pots
    • Angus Stewart from Tasmania on the potential for breeding in the Goodeniaceae family.

    Each participant receives a USB Stick with all seminar information and photo-guides to Goodeniaceae on a state by state basis. We believe the photo-guides collectively will be the most comprehensive "publication" to date on the Goodeniaceae family. 


    • Saturday's activities will be followed by an evening dinner and after dinner speaker 
    • On the Sunday we will visit 3 large gardens close to the Grampians, each with an extensive collections of Goodeniaceae. 
      • Wartook Gardens - Royce & Jeanne Raleigh’s is a 5 acre garden with over 1,000 species of Australian plants including a very large collection of Dampieras and Lechenaultias. There are many other special plants in the garden that are simply not available in any nurseries. 
      • Panrock Ridge – Neil & Wendy Marriott’s garden is well known for its collection of a great range of plants including the living Grevillea collection and a wonderful array of Goodeniaceae and small Myrtaceae, many not seen in nurseries.
      • The Garden of Linda & David Handscombe - another extensive garden with a different range of plants to the other two.

    In conjunction with the conference both host groups have been propagating plants for sale and hope to produce at least 3,000. Most of these are not available in any current nursery stock, so it will be another great opportunity for keen growers to add species to their gardens.

    I hope that this gives you a greater understanding of what these seminars are all about, and that you will conclude as we do, that they go a long way towards upholding and promoting the aims of the Australian Plant Societies across Australia in a very practical way. 

    • 20 Oct 2018
    • 2:00 PM
    • tbc

    All members welcome. Contact for more information

    • 4 Dec 2018
    • 5:00 PM
    • tbc

    All members welcome. Contact for more information

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