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Fruit Bat video

10 Nov 2017 7:23 AM | RALPH CARTWRIGHT (Administrator)

I know this is nothing to do with native plants, but rather native wildlife that is essential to the long-term health of our forests and is now a threatened species.

Walking home a couple of days ago, I heard an unusual squeaking sound which turned out to be a very cute, baby grey-headed flying fox.

I phoned WIRES and they came and collected it very quickly.

A 2 month old baby, according to the rescuer, dropped by it's mother during the night and was quite weak. Still strong enough to be difficult to remove from the railings and it had good lungs to make all that noise.

Luckily a dog or cat didn't get it during the day.

My reason for posting here is that the video I took has gone viral. It has been shared over 100 times now and I'm getting friend requests on Facebook from as far away as Japan, Mexico, USA and Canada to name a just a few !

I'm unable to load the video on this site, but if you'd like to watch it, (it's only 19 seconds), use this link to go to the APS Sutherland Facebook page and view it there: Cute baby bat video

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