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Native Bees being attacked

22 Jan 2018 10:50 AM | RALPH CARTWRIGHT (Administrator)

Sutherland group in Sydney has regular working bees (No pun intended) at the Council-run, Joseph Banks Native Plant Reserve at Kareela, in Sydney's southern suburbs.

This is a little known gem of 100% native plants, including a large patch of native sandstone bushland, as well as more formal plantings.

It also has a native bee hive and one of our sharp-eyed volunteers, Leonie Hogue recently saw what she thought might be robber bees trying to steal the honey.

It turns out they were a species of sand wasps, hovering outside the hive and trying to pick-off the native bees as they flew out to forage. They then feed their prey back in their nests to their young.

Pretty hard to photograph, as it all happens so quickly, but I tried with a short video available on the Sutherland Facebook page via the following link:

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