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Pruning eremophilas

4 Jan 2019 8:47 PM | HEATHER MILES (Administrator)

We were asked by a reader about pruning eremophilas. 

Question: I have an Eremophila glabra (Murchison Magic) that flowers all year round.  I've never pruned this plant therefore it's getting out of control and quite leggie.  Could you please let me know when is the best time to prune this Eremophila of mine? 

Answer from Ben and Ros Walcott: Most eremophilas do well with a good prune to keep them dense. The best time is when the flowering has slowed down but often that isn’t possible so just do it when you can. In Canberra we tend not to prune in the late autumn because the new growth gets hit by the frosts but otherwise, anytime seems OK. How hard to prune depends on the plant and the effect you are after. We know someone who cuts some to the ground but for us that is too radical. Pruning by up to ½ is not too radical. 

Thanks to our readers and Ben and Ros Walcott for their answer. 

Here is an Eremophila nivea 'Beryls Blue' growing in the Hunter Valley. More information on eremophilas can be found in our plant database - Plant database Shrubs

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