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For those visiting Albany in September, Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show

21 Jun 2019 9:45 PM | HEATHER MILES (Administrator)

The Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show in Western Australia is one of the biggest in the world! And yet the 600+ specimens gathered in the Ravensthorpe Hall each year still only represent a third of the plants in the Shire. This is, of course, because they don’t all flower in the middle two weeks of September!

The show keeps on growing and diversifying just like our flowers that adapt to the environment in which they live.  

An energetic band of volunteers goes forth into the bush armed with picking licenses and secateurs to seek elusive specimens they know exactly where they can be found. As you enter the Ravensthorpe Hall the scent of the bush will assail you, the shelves of flowers will amaze and the volunteers are welcoming. A guided tour is available of the newly built Herbarium.

Features include:

  • An interesting pollinator photographic display highlighting our Ravensthorpe Bee, the latest Australian native bee to be identified. It is unique in that it is only active while a certain species of Eucalyptus in the Ravensthorpe Range is in flower. It has only been found in this area. Fascinating! It’s called the Shaggy Spined Bee (what a name to give the poor bee). We call it the "Ravy Bee".
  • Geological display: This display highlights the correlation between plants, minerals and the rocks. 

The program of events and activities throughout the Spring Festival is as diverse as the flowers, offering caravaners and visitors an action packed time in Ravensthorpe with its welcoming and vibrant community. 

  • Wildflower Show 9-21 September at Ravensthorpe Town Hall
  • Artisan shopping
  • Country soups and Devonshire Teas daily
  • Pop up stalls
  • Patchwork
  • Art exhibitions and photographic displays are abundant each year in Ravensthorpe and Hopetoun
  • Water colour workshops with the very talented and renowned Margaret River artist Megan Hodgson
  • 4WD Tag along Tours, with a guide to the most interesting wildflower hotspots lunch included
  • Also popular are the Walk & Talk with the rangers of the Fitzgerald River National Park – try a medium walk in a section of the Hakea Trail around 4.5 hours with great commentary, plenty of flowers and some of the most spectacular coastal scenery
  • Guided Geology Walk & Talk
  • Marine Walk & Talk
  • Country Carnival / Street Parade middle weekend
  • Guided bus tours
  • Bee keeping workshop
  • Wildflower paper making
  • C B H Silo Art
  • Gala Finale Long Table Lunch at Jerdacuttup Hall on the last Sunday 22 September.

The town of Ravensthorpe is situated 295 km east of Albany and 185 km west of Esperance, in the south coastal region of Western Australia called the Fitzgerald Coast. Ravensthorpe is encircled by the Ravensthorpe Range and sits amid stately Salmon Gums. 

A visit to the local national park should not be missed. The Fitzgerald River National Park (Hopetoun) hosts 1,800 different species, and it showcases itself along a wild and beautiful coast, with its famous qualup bell Pimelea physodes, royal hakea Hakea victoria, weeping gum Eucalyptus sepulcralis, smoke bush, banksias and so many more. 

The upgraded facilities in the park include fully surfaced coastal roads, interpretive displays and lookouts with spectacular views. 

Further details:

Jen Biddulph Promotions, Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show & Spring Festival   0428 580737; Sue Leighton  Coordinator  0407 981 301

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