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Podocarpus spinulosus (Dwarf plum pine)

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Podocarpus spinulosus Common Name: Dwarf plum pine or Spiny-leaf podocarp Family: Podocarpaceae Location: East Coast – NSW & Qld – Local to the Central Coast Flower Colour: No flowers, blue-black fruit Flowers: They have cones, not flowers. Dioecious Soil: Deep and friable Drainage: Well drained Exposure: Semi shade Cover: Height – 3 m x Width – 4 m Danger: Pollen – male tree. Fruit can be sampled Prune: Always shape Fruit: Prune coloured. Naked seeds - Seed on end of fruit. Can use fruits as jam or tarts. Beware eating raw. Attracts: Used in treatment of leukaemia. Bats This plant is in a 3.5”/9cm square forestry pot. Photos are examples only and are a guide to what your plant can be like when mature. Photo: Warren Sheather

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