Each year, we talk, walk and visit near and far. 

District Groups often focus their activities on what is relevant to their local areas. 

In the last 12 months, we held 4 major events around the state. These draw together people from around NSW to hear guest speakers, visit gardens and share ideas. 

Our 19 District Groups held 690 activities, most open to the general public  including: 

  • 143 talks 
  • 121 bush walks 
  • 42 garden visits 
  • 7 district group trips away involving overnight stays 
  • 94 on-the-ground conservation activities and submissions on state and local planning proposals impacting Australian plants and bushland including NSW government biodiversity reforms. 
  • 355 activities involving propagation and planting of Australian plants 
  • 44 community events with active participation by district groups. 
To find out about our upcoming events, see our calendar

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Below: Calytrix image by Jeff Howes

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