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Here are a range of articles for those just starting out, as well as experienced native plant enthusiasts. Further information available on the Central Coast website

Topic Details  Download
 Getting started
 Plan your garden and get the basics right Download
 Central Coast plants for gardens Some suggested local trees, shrubs and ground covers to plant in your garden. Download
 Attracting wildlife to your garden Did you know that the shape of a bird's beak is a good indication of the type of food it eats?  An extensive list of bird attracting plants, indication of flowering times and recommended planting position is available. Download
 Coastal Plants Australian plants suitable for coast locations Download
 Fire Resistant Plants Fire resistant plants for Central Coast Gardens. Download
 Container Plants Growing plants in containers can be both challenging and rewarding. There are many natives that can be successfully grown in containers Download
 Ferns for Central Coast Gardens Ferns can add a lush beauty to the garden. An introduction to some of the local ferns with growing notes. Download
 Acacias for Central Coast Gardens When we think of Acacias or wattles yellow or cream flowers spring to mind. Did you know there is a Queensland wattle that produces purple flowers ? Learn how to grow Acacias from seed Download
 Orchids for Central Coast Gardens Helpful hints on growing orchids with some easy to grow local orchids suggested for your garden. Download
 Drain Cloggers Native plants to avoid planting near drains, pipes or concrete paths. Download

Plant lists

During late Winter, bush tracks in the sandstone country of the Central Coast start to blaze with colour as heath plants start their early flowering, continuing through spring and summer.

Here are lists of plants that thrive on the Central Coast (under construction). 

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