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 Group Activity: Bushwalk to see Acacia gordonii

Date:Saturday 25 July  2020
Time: 1:30 pm 

20 person limit.  Register by emailing

end of Neich Road

Because of the easing of Covid-19 restrictions we are planning a bushwalk on Saturday afternoon 25th July. Currently the maximum outdoor gathering number stands at 20 people. Social distancing still applies, but this should be quite feasible in an outdoor event.

The bushwalk is from the end of Neich Road, Glenorie. The aim is to look for and inspect the population of Acacia gordonii to be found there. This species is listed as endangered. There are patches of it in lower areas of the Blue Mountains National Park. How much of it burnt in the huge summer bushfires is unknown. The only other areas of occurrences are in Glenorie and Maroota. It tends to grow in small scattered patches, such as the one off the end of Neich Road. A small part of the area had been burnt previously, but none during the fires last summer. It is a small wattle, usually about 1m high. It has very bright gold flowers. It would be great if our group took an active interest in preserving this species. Ideally the propagation group could grow plants for members to add to their gardens. It would need a very well drained spot.

This bushwalk is actually very short. After an initial short rocky rise, it is along a fairly flat fire trail, so easy walking. It is an interesting area of sandstone ridge top, and there should be plenty of other species flowering. A beautiful mauve version of Philotheca salsolifera grows there.

The days are still very short, so walk will start at 1.30pm. Neich Road ends in a little unsealed, one-car-wide track leading to a National Park style gate. Avoid a large surfaced road veering to the right, just as the road narrows and veers to the left. This is a private road to a new estate. There is a reasonable open area for parking near the track gate.

Because of the restriction in numbers for this bushwalk, members will need to book with Pip Gibian, email :

ParraHills members will have preference.

 Philotheca salsolifera

Philotheca salsofilera


Date:Saturday 22 August  2020
Time: 2:00 pm 

Gumnut Hall, Gumut Place, Cherrybrook see map

This will be the group’s first meeting since the COVID-19 restrictions were implemented. We are looking forward to welcoming members in person again.

Members are encouraged to bring along a specimen or a photo on a USB stick of the best plants in flower in their gardens in August. We will also have an opportunity to bring up any problems we are having in our gardens which can be solved by the combined knowledge of the Group.

We also plan to discuss the endangered plants in our area as a follow up to our July bushwalk. We will discuss the possibility of selecting some species to propagate and grow in our gardens.

As usual there will be plants for sale.

The meeting will adhere strictly to current COVID-19 restrictions. Members are encouraged to wear masks and gloves for the protection of themselves and others. The current restrictions also mean that there will be no afternoon tea.

Numbers are limited so please book if you wish to attend

Photo:  Epacris purpurascens which is one of the
endangered species found in The Hills

 Plant Sale


Here’s a list of plants raised lovingly by our propagation people that we’re offering to members for purchase. We don’t want these plants to go to waste. They are healthy and can be planted straight away. So if you or any of your friends would like to enhance your gardens, we’d love to hear from you!

The procedure for you to order and obtain these plants is:

  • Ordering: Contact Ian
  • Pick up: email for details
  • Prices: large $8; medium-small $6

Pot sizes are:

large 8 inches, small-medium 4-6 inches.

There could be a few days delay after ordering, as the plants will need to be fetched from the Hills Shire nursery.

 Plant Name Quantity Pot SizeClick here for photos and/or details 
Acacia ulicifolia 2 medium here
Correa baeuerlenii 7 small here
 Crowea saligna
 1 medium here
 Doryanthes excelsa 3 medium here
Eremophila glabra ‘Amber Carpet’ 1 medium here
Eremophila glabra ‘Mallee Lipstick’ 6 medium here
Eremophila maculata ssp. brevifolia 2 small here
Eremophila maculata x viscida 1 medium here
Graptophyllum ilicifolium








Gastrolobium celsianum

syn. Brachysema lanceolatum
 1 large here
Grevillea ‘Forest Rambler’




Grevillea juniperina (red flowers)
                               (yellow flowers)

 medium here
 Grevillea 'Lady O'
 21 tubes here
Grevillea lanigera





Grevillea rosmarinifolia x baueri 2 small here

Grevillea sericea Collaroy Plateau form



 Hakea bakeriana
 4 medium here
 Hardenbergia violacea
 2 medium here
Hibbertia scandens 6 small here
 Isopogon anemonifolius
 1 medium here
Melastoma affine 1 small here
Pimelea ferruginea ‘Bonne Petite’





 Prostanthera ovalifolia variegated
 3 medium here
 Prostanthera scutellarioides




 Scaevola aemula blue

 Scaevola aemula pink





 Thryptomene 'Paynes Hybrid'
 11 medium here
 Westringia fruiticosa 1 large here
 Zieria prostrata
 3 medium here
 Zieria smithii
 1 medium here

Payment can be made by EFTPOS to BSB 062 139

Acc No. 0090 1865

Location of Gumnut Hall

Gumnut Hall, Gumnut Place, Cherrybrook.

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