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 Southern Tablelands 
 District Group 

About Us

The Southern Tablelands Group of the APS is for anyone interested in Australian Plants. Our members come from Goulburn and surrounding areas. Most members join the group with little knowledge of native plants but learn a lot from the more experienced members. Nearby APS groups include the Southern Highlands Group and the Canberra Region group. Our group started in 1987. Our floral emblem is the finger flower, Cheiranthera linearis. It is widespread in the area but not usually very common.

Propagating and growing a variety of suitable plants is a key focus for the group. These may include plants for a garden setting or plants which may be grown with an environmental focus - such as shelter belts, revegetation area etc. 

Seeing local native plants in their natural habitats is also a regular activity – through bushwalks.

Whether your interest is in growing, propagating, viewing them in the garden or the bush or learning about them – the Southern Tablelands Group may be for you.

We enjoy the following activities:

Bushwalks...Plant propagation...Plant identification...Goulburn Wetlands...Mid-winter presentation...Plant Sales...Joint Activities

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