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Northern Beaches District Group


What we do

 In order to comply with Northern Beaches Council covid-19 policy the Group has not been able to meet at Stony Range Botanic Garden since February 2020. Therefore, without invited speakers  and show-and-tells we have been reliant on Anne Gray's monthly bushwalks and garden visits where we can observe good covid-19 practice in the open air. We enjoy both the excursions and the morning tea or lunch that follows which gives us a relaxing debrief and social time with fellow members.


The beautiful Staghorn (Platycerium bifurcatum) above is still growing well but it is only visible through the locked gate of Stony Range.

 The Quarterly and Get-together events of Australian Plants Society NSW, which are normally well attended by our members, have also had to be cancelled because of the pandemic. 


At the time of writing no meetings were scheduled and only one outing. More events will be added when scheduled

 Month Meeting Program 
 March Thursday 4th - N/A

 Saturday 20 March

 Challenger Trail in Ku-ring-gai


Local Gallery

Actinotus helianthi

Image; Russell Beardmore. Taken at North Curl Curl.

An eastern species that grows in shallow, sandy soil . A bit tricky in cultivation.

Epacris longiflora

Image; David Drage

A local favourite found in sand, cliff faces, heath and woodland margins.

Platylobium formosum

Image; David Drage. Taken at Katandra Wildflower Reserve.

Local species. Straggly, hardy understorey species up to 2.5m. Bright flowers in Spring.

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