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Northern Beaches District Group


What we do

The Northern Beaches Group meets regularly at Stony Range Botanic Garden where this beautiful Staghorn (Platycerium bifurcatum) is growing.
Penny Hunstead keeps our schedule of monthly outings intriguing with a mix of bushwalks and garden visits while also incorporating the quarterly Australian Plants Society meetings. 
Last year among other things, we:
  • Hosted a quarterly state-wide meeting
  • Visited ‘Boongala’ at Kenthurst and a beautiful garden at Bayview. See photos below. 
We enjoy both the excursions and the morning tea or lunch that follows which gives us a relaxing debrief or social time.
We have the added bonus of having ex-Australian Museum naturalist Martyn Robinson as a member. He certainly keeps us enthralled with his arcane observations of the insects and other minute creatures encountered on many walks but especially on our annual night walk in Stony Range Botanic Garden.
Estelle Burrows is tasked with organising presentations at our monthly meetings. These are a fascinating range of expert talks, photographic displays and Show & Tell sessions. Last year we  had presentations on ‘Amazing critters that live in the soil’ (Doug Rickard), Red Spider Mite (Ray & Elma Kearney), Western Australian flowers (Richard Hunstead). 

Actinotus helianthi

Image; Russell Beardmore. Taken at North Curl Curl.

An eastern species that grows in shallow, sandy soil . A bit tricky in cultivation.

Epacris longiflora

Image; David Drage

A local favourite found in sand, cliff faces, heath and woodland margins.

Platylobium formosum

Image; David Drage. Taken at Katandra Wildflower Reserve.

Local species. Straggly, hardy understorey species up to 2.5m. Bright flowers in Spring.

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