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South Eastern Region District Group


 Next Meeting

Saturday 1st February 2020

at President Dianne’s home17 Tranquil Bay Place, Rosedale South10:30am                                                                         

(The entry is off Tallwood Cres. It is the second corner on the right of Tranquil Bay Place. See map below)

Dear APS South East Community,

On behalf of the committee I would like to send out a heartfelt note of empathy to everybody. This has been an emotional experience for everyone, and as a society we would like to be able to do something towards the healing.

We were due to have our annual general meeting in February but under the circumstances the committee has decided to postpone that meeting, and in its place just get together to tell our stories and marvel at the joys of rain and new green growth.

You are all welcome to my place for this informal gathering. Please bring the usual chair and morning tea. Lunch if you feel like lingering.

We will be hoping to have our March meeting back at the Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Gardens, in the new visitor centre. We are also discussing how this group can assist the recovery and research at the Garden, so please be assured that there will be a chance to help.

If for any reason, the weather for that period is likely to be problematic for travel or people need to stay in their area, we will send out an email to cancel.

Best wishes to you all.

Di Clark, President,  APS South East

The last couple of months have been difficult for many, not just here on the South Coast, but also many other areas of Australia. The devastating bushfires, exacerbated by the long dry spell over recent times, have affected us all in some way.

At the gathering at President Dianne’s home, we will have an opportunity to share our experiences in open discussion, and find support among our Australian Plant Society family as those affected come to terms with the damage caused, the task of re-establishing gardens, and for some rebuilding damaged infrastructure.

I know from experience it is not easy to reconcile recent events, but talking among friends helps.

Some members have made contact to discuss their circumstance, and I would like to hear from any member whose garden or and/or home was affected during the recent fires. Please email me at or Dianne at   so the committee is aware just who has been affected. The committee will meet to discuss how the group can assist.

With so much visual attention focussed on the fires, many are suffering “Media overload”, and just wish to get on with life, quietly, and without fuss. We recognise this, and will wait for approaches.

Marjorie and Cliff had a brush with the Currowan  fire twice, firstly early in December when the fires roared through the surrounding State Forest and National Parks, being pulled up short of their property through mitigation work by the Rural Fire Service volunteers, assisted by Forests NSW workers.

One would think that was enough, but the conditions after Christmas saw the fire return to clean out small sections of forest not previously burned.

This time Cliff and Marjorie were not so lucky, and most of their property was burned, although they did manage to save the house, and a few plants close by.

Map showing Tallwood Crescent where the entrance is to Dianne's place.


As always, members are advised to bring morning tea and lunch. A chair might also be useful.

Wear sensible clothing and shoes suitable for the planned outdoor activities, and, a sunhat might be a wise inclusion to encourage fine, but not too hot, weather on the day.                                                                    

Note also that dogs are not permitted at APS activities.

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