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South Eastern Region District Group


Next Meeting

Saturday 4th April 2020

has been cancelled due to restrictions on public gatherings as a consequence of the corona virus outbreak

It has been a difficult and disappointing beginning to 2020, with our February meeting cancelled due to the bushfires which ravaged our area.                                      

And now, following advice from Governments at all levels placing restrictions on public gatherings, the committee, having canvassed members, have decided that our group meetings will be cancelled until further notice.

 This is a disappointment for everyone, but we believe it is both prudent and wise to curtail our activities whilst the virus threat continues.                                                    

We take this decision for many reasons, but mainly because we do not know just how potent the threat is locally, and also acknowledge that many of our members are in the demographic believed most at risk should the virus be contracted.

The proposal to hold meetings in the open, such as bushwalks was seen by some as acceptable, but overwhelmingly, the members thought cancelling was a safer option.

So whilst we will not be meeting as a group, I suggest that everyone should consider adding to the information in the newsletter.

We will endeavour to maintain contact with all members via email, and encourage everyone to stay in touch, ringing or emailing, helping us all to maintain our sanity during this crisis.                                        

What about writing about the plants you enjoy growing, and maintain the enthusiasm for growing Australian plants, add a picture or 2, and have your story published in a future edition of our newsletter.    

The full March newsletter will be delivered to your inbox later this week.


 Di Clark, President



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