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 Southern Highlands District Group 


The Southern Highlands Group has as our mission, 'to get natives into Southern Highlands gardens'. To this end, we endeavour to provide a programme of talks and activities to inspire the use of native plants.

Australian plants need you! Come along, take part and bring an interested friend. Stimulate your enthusiasm so that we can all encourage others who have not yet experienced the rewards of nurturing native plants in their gardens.

12 photo(s) Updated on: 8 Sep 2017
  • Pastoral symphony. The beautiful landscape in a large country garden we visited.
  • A place for quiet reflection; the Reconciliation Garden created by two of our members at Robertson Railway station.
  • Coffee breaks and picnics are an essential part of our days out!
  • In early spring, a member welcomed us to her garden to enjoy the expansive display of wattles in her mixed country garden.
  • Native wildlife is inseparable from an interest in native plants. Sandra Guy, expert in the behaviours and conservation of flying foxes, told us of the contribution made by these fascinating animals.
  • In Robertson Nature reserve - a remnant of the Yarrawa Brush
  • Many varied ecosystems within our district mean we have many different plant communities to visit, learn from and enjoy.
  • The beautiful Australian Botanic Garden at Mt Annan is only 45 minutes drive from the Highlands. We visit regularly for enjoyment and inspiration.
  • Another afternoon tea time shared with plant-loving friends.
  • Who needs silver birches when we can have the bark interest and beauty provided by native snow gums?
  • There are all too few native street trees in the Highlands so this splendid Banksia serrata in Bowral Street is a favourite.
  • Picking native berries from Leptomaria acida bushes (on private land) Members then turned them into a delicious, tangy bush food jelly.

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