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 Southern Highlands District Group 


The Southern Highlands Group has as our mission, 'to get natives into Southern Highlands gardens'. To this end, we endeavour to provide a programme of talks and activities to inspire the use of native plants.

Australian plants need you! Come along, take part and bring an interested friend. Stimulate your enthusiasm so that we can all encourage others who have not yet experienced the rewards of nurturing native plants in their gardens.

10 photo(s) Updated on: 10 Mar 2020
  • Members enjoyed the illustrated"Save Kosci" talk .
  • Members get encouragement from our local council
  • The "expeditions" -local members on the Box Vale Track
  • Member demonstrating the finer points of identification in the Robertson Rainforest.
  • Consulting the field guide on a local walk.
  • Encouraging growth of our sponsored planter boxes.
  • Beginning one of our community plantings - Coles, Bowral
  • Casuarina in flower
  • Dare I take a cutting...?
  • Life after death on Mt Gibraltar

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